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Sha’Box is making Shabbat easy and giving you more time to kick back with your guests!

Skip a trip to the shops and the meal prep – we’ll deliver everything you need to cook a delish and easy Shabbat meal right to your door, including a gourmet meal curated by chef Elijah Holland (we’ve tried his food and trust us, you won’t want to miss out!). #HelloFress

How does it work?

1. Sign up for a Sha’Box! via
2. We’ll send you your Sha’Box which includes food, wine and a fun games exclusive to the Sha’Box
3. Invite 5 of your friends to your home for a Shabbat dinner or lunch (Friday 15th November to Saturday 16th November)
4. Enjoy tasty food, wine and playing your favourite Jew-ish Game, The Chosen One. Match Jewish themed question and answers for the best combos. Double the chutzpah, double the fun!

Want to invite more friends? Just buy an extra box!

About our chef
Elijah Holland got his big break working in Australia’s top restaurants – Aria, Jonah’s, Fish Face and Quay to name a few. He became a sous chef at the age of 19 and went on to open the restaurant The Powder Keg at the age of 21!

Cost: $20 per person ($120 per box)

Donate a meal for a person in need for only $20 per meal per person.

Limited number of Sha’Boxes available – get in quick!



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