In the first year of the Shabbat project, my husband came home all inspired and wanted to keep shabbat over the Shabbat Project. Being a particularly irreligious person, I was adamant that I was not going to do it, and didn’t want religion forced upon me. He actively participated and really enjoyed the experience.

In 2015, after hearing so many friends loving the communal Challah bake the previous year, I thought I would actually try and get involved. I wasn’t going to keep a full halachaic shabbat, but I did challenge myself to try and switch off. For me, that was no screens for either myself or the children, and although it wasn’t “keeping Shabbat” in the true sense, I did feel that, for that shabbat, I was part of something bigger than religion, and felt part of a communal and global unity. I will definitely try it again.

(Lisa – Rose Bay)

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