I only really came into Judaism a few years ago, yes I was Jewish but didn’t even really know. I now attend a Jewish school and Judaism is really a huge part of my life however shabbat is not something I observe or even look at with any particular important. However when I first heard about the shabbat project I was immediately interested and knew that I would definitely be wanting to take part.

Going to a Jewish school meant it was a huge thing for the whole community and for the weeks leading up to it the whole school was buzzing about it. Almost everyone was keeping it, a huge lunch was being organised, people who lived far from shule were sleeping at those who lived closer, the project was talked about frequently, people were handing out bags about it and everyone was just genuinely excited for the whole experience. The night of the project everyone came to shule and then went for dinner and then walked to the rabbi for a tisch and I and another friend of mine slept at a friend who kept shabbat every week, every minutes had this air of excitement about it, that everyone in the room was there for the same reason and it was bringing them together.

The next day everyone attended the lunch and everyone actually spoke and were able to just be there together, enjoying the company, without worrying about their phone going off in their pocket. I then went to another friend and I spoke to someone I’d never spoke to before, not just hi how are you, but really spoke to the and really got to know them despite how unconnected we were before.

The shabbat project really connected everyone and it was such a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by for probably the best 25 hours of my life.

Miriam Shelly

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