My sister in law gave birth on 20 October and was still in hospital on the Friday night since she’d had a caesarian. So that she could still be involved in the Project, I bought challahs, grape juice, olive dip and savion salad, and took them – along with a Shabbat table cloth, candlesticks, bread board, plastic cups and kippot (including a little one for my new nephew) to the hospital with my husband and daughter.

While we decided not to light the candles because we thought it might upset the fire alarm, my hubby said the brachot over the wine and challah and indulged in the delicious dips afterwards. She was blown away by the extent of my preparation and thanked us multiple times for putting everything together. There were a few other visitors there at the time and it was a really memorable experience. Was so special to spend the time together with family for my nephew James’ first Shabbat. 


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