Me, you and Jews all over the world experiencing one complete Shabbat together.

The Shabbat Project – Sydney

You just need to change or do one thing …. to make the ordinary, extra-ordinary.

This year, on the 27th and 28th October, the Sydney Jewish community will join 1,000,000 Jews from around the world in celebrating Shabbat together.

In 2016, The Shabbat Project brought together over 90 countries; 1,000 cities and 1 million participants. In Sydney, the community came together and held over 91 events with over 15,000 participants, the largest event our community has seen.

This year, we want you to take part and show our community and the world how we put the extra into ordinary. This year, we challenge you to find your one thing, your extra and make your Shabbat experience like one you have never had before. This year, we want to put the unity, back into community.